The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth

What’s the opposite of soulmate? Soulenemy? Whatever the moniker, that’s what this book was to me. Okay, that might be a tad dramatic—I did stay invested enough to want to finish the thing—but it just wasn’t as good as the last few Hepworth offerings that I’ve read. The premise is an interesting one: Pippa and Gabe move their family into a lovely cliffside home, only to later discover that cliff is a popular suicide spot. It turns out Gabe discovers a gift for being able to talk people back from the edge, until one day it doesn’t work—and later Pippa finds out that Gabe knew the jumper. (Cue the ‘dun dun dunnnn’.) Intriguing, eh? Unfortunately, once all the plots and subplots came out, the whole lot started to feel convoluted and a bit absurd. Usually I am loath to find that I’m coming to the end of a Hepworth book, but with The Soulmate, I was relieved.