I’m Back!

There’s no way to dance around this one, kids, but it’s been almost three months since my last post. Summer was a busy time for my family—camps, vacations, one late-night trip to the ER, physical therapy appointments relating to that ER trip—unfortunately, this site got mentally pushed to the side. You will be glad to know I didn’t let my mind rot the whole time—just most of it.

Reading-wise, I didn’t slow down. There were quite a few hits and an unfortunate amount of misses, but the star of the summer was Kelly Yang’s Front Desk series. There will be a post forthcoming on why I love it so much, but for now, I will say that there is a brilliance to them that transcends their middle-grade label.

As for writing? Well, I failed to publish any new stories, but the summer wasn’t a loss. I’ve recently finished outlining a new novel, and I’m about ready to dig into my first draft. I have traditionally been a proud ‘pantser,’ like Stephen King, but to be honest, that has led to several unfinished novels. This time, I tried to do things a bit differently. My outline is a loose one, with a lot of room for creativity, but I’m heartened by the fact that I have a beginning, middle, and end mapped out. Call me crazy, but I think I might actually finish this one. (Famous last words!)