The Last Word by Taylor Adams

I will preface this review by saying I don’t really think that Taylor Adams will kill me. However, as this book is about an author exacting physical revenge against someone who left him a bad review, well, let’s say it gives me pause. Particularly when I tell you that The Last Word is easily the worst book I’ve read all year. Now, admittedly, some of the awfulness of this book is by design. In the (fictional) review, the vengeful author is accused of writing cliche murder scenes, so he sets up a real-life murder scene, which,  naturally, turns out to be cliched. Yes, it’s meta, but that doesn’t make it good or clever. (Consider that the pull quote.)  The book is bogged down further by obvious twists and a main character who is a weak copy of Anna from The Woman in the Window. The Last Word was my first Taylor Adams book and will be my last.