Welcome, All!

Hello there! My name is Elizabeth Raphael, and I thank you for wandering onto my little corner of the internet. In case you were wondering, no I am not this folksy in person. Those who know me are more likely to describe me as “shy” or “one step away from being a wild wood hermit”, but thankfully, I can manage virtual hospitality. I am grateful that you’re here, after all. 

If you stick with me (and I hope you do), you will get a bevy of bookish bites (sorry, couldn’t resist the alliteration). There will be book reviews, musings and updates on my writing, and other articles that I will do my best to keep at least tangentially related to the literary world. I will not be posting daily—more like weekly after this initial launch—so never fear that you will have page after page of nonsensical ramblings to slog through. (That’s what my journal is for.) 

Happy reading!